Newbie Shrooms Guide

First Time Doing Shrooms – The Ultimate Guide

first time doing shrooms – the ultimate guide

The attraction for magic mushrooms can be captivating and appealing. However, while magic mushrooms can provide pleasant experiences, they can also lead to challenging ones. It may sound dramatic, but it is true. Going on a mushroom journey unprepared can easily lead to a bad trip. These rapid changes in the events can be difficult even for the experienced psychonauts. We decided to create this guide for all of you who are considering doing shrooms for the first time and help you prepare for the magnificent psychedelic experience.

What Are Shrooms?

first time doing shrooms – the ultimate guide
First time doing shrooms – the ultimate guide

Shrooms is a slang term used to refer to psychedelic mushrooms, or magic mushrooms as some may call them. The phrase is often used to refer to any fungus species that contains psilocybin, a naturally occurring psychedelic substance that causes hallucinatory effects when consumed.

The most commonly found species of these hallucinogenic mushrooms is Psilocybe Cubensis, that’s exactly the one you are getting from your local dispensary. Keep in mind that there are more than 180 strains of P. Cubensis, each differing in potency and the effects they produce. For the first timers, it’s best to avoid extremely potent strains like Penis Envy and stick with more subtle ones like Golden Teachers.

How Do Shrooms Work?

Once ingested, magic mushrooms are broken down by enzymes found in the stomach. They go through a digestion process where psilocybin gets converted to psilocin, a highly potent molecule that is responsible for the psychedelic experience after taking shrooms.  

Psilocin has an effect on the serotonin neurotransmitters in two ways: it inhibits serotonin reuptake (leading in higher serotonin levels in the brain), and it directly binds to specific (5-HT2A receptor) serotonin receptors. This increase in serotonin and altered serotonin signals causes changes in mood and perception, resulting in hallucinations, oftentimes known as a “trip.”

Shrooms On a Full vs Empty Stomach

The pace at which you feel the effects of shrooms is influenced by the contents of your stomach. Therefore,  eating shrooms immediately after a meal may delay the onset by up to two hours, depending on factors such as portion size and digestion time.

If you consume magic mushrooms on an empty stomach, psilocybin will start metabolizing and converting to psilocin within the first 10 to 15 minutes. With an empty stomach, you will start feeling the effects really quickly. However, magic mushrooms are considered to be heavy on the stomach, and eating them on an empty stomach may increase the likelihood of experiencing drowsiness and nausea. For this reason, it’s best to have a light meal about half an hour before taking your shrooms. Additionally,  herbs like ginger and peppermint might help with stomach aches and nausea.

How Much Should Beginners Take

Aside from choosing the best mushroom strain for your first trip, the amount you take is equally important. For your first experience with magic mushrooms, start with a small amount because you can always eat more if you feel like it. Experts recommend starting with 0.8 grams of dried mushrooms. A normal dose varies from 1 to 2.5 grams, depending on the potency and the mushroom species. If for some reason u end up eating more than intended there is a higher possibility of experiencing discomfort.

Before you take your dose, use a precision scale and correctly determine the quantity you are planning to ingest. Keep in mind that there is a considerable difference between fresh and dried mushrooms. Despite having the same psychoactive properties, much of the weight is lost during the drying process due to the high moisture content of fresh mushrooms. Mushrooms tend to lose up to 90% of their weight when dried.

first time doing shrooms – the ultimate guide
First time doing shrooms – the ultimate guide

How Long Does the Shroom Trip Last?

Some people choose to fast for at least three hours before taking psilocybin to increase its rapid absorption into the body. This approach ensures that consumers get the most out of their mushroom experience while limiting the possibility of nausea during the initial stages.

Also remember that the onset of effects may take several hours, depending on the contents of the stomach, individual body chemistry, and tolerance. The whole experience lasts six to eight hours, with the after-glow effects lasting up to six hours after the trip, depending on the dosage. For a complete immersion in a mushroom trip, set aside an entire day to reflect on the experience, ensuring that you have no pressing tasks or serious chores to attend to.

How Much To Wait Before Taking More Shrooms?

The last thing you want to happen during a mushroom trip is to have an unpleasant or unexpectedly difficult experience. Because psilocybin is an extremely potent psychedelic, exceeding the advised dosage is likely to result in unpleasant side effects.

There are countless reports online of people, particularly beginners, eating mushrooms without feeling any effects for an hour or so. At that point they decided to take more, which didn’t end well therefore be cautious.

After the first psilocybin dose, you should wait a full day before taking a second dose. This approach will prevent the accumulation of psilocybin as well as minimize the risk of adverse reactions. However, if you are a bit more experienced, you can wait at least two hours before redosing.

Final Word

When used responsibly, and in the right dosage magic mushrooms can yield highly enjoyable experiences. Interestingly, larger doses can lead to what some describe as a spiritual awakening.

Using magic mushrooms as a tool for spiritual exploration has a history spanning thousands of years, among many ancient cultures. Shrooms can foster a sense of harmony with oneself and the surrounding world, and fundamentally alter the perception of the world. Stay safe, start with low doses, and enjoy the trip!